Benefits using the ThermoNox methode:

  • Absolutely non-toxic pest-control method.
  • Due to air circulation,low-cost alternative.
  • No residue in product,machinery or rooms.
  • Authority permissions will not be needed.
  • Even the insect eggs will be inactivated.
  • The treatment can be carried out by any trained person.
  • A ThermoNox heat treatment is an internal procedure-warning signs outside of the building will not be required.
  • The rooms can be inspected during the heating period without protection equipment.
  • Using a non-toxic alternative could be a subject in your advertising.
  • Technical description:

    The ThermoNox heater is equipped with an axial fan 0.75KW two heating register each 9KW,a thermostat to monitor the temperature and a switch-panel containing the electrical eqipment.
  • Safety:

    The heater was developed for use in the flour milling industry because of the hazard from combustible dust in these factories.The heater was designed in accourdance with,and meets,the standards in EU regulation 94/9/EG ex II3D governing equipment used in explosive atmospheres.
  • Function:

    An axial fan sucks the air at the floor level and blows it through the heating register.The heated air leaves the heater horizontally.Because only the air in the room to be treated is heated up,the thermal efficency is optimized.

    The temperature of the circulated air is monitored by the integrated thermostat.If the temperature decreases,the heating register will be rectivated to keep the lethal temperature at a constant50°-55°C(122-131F)

    The light-weight construction in combination with the two wheels makes it easy to rearrange the position of the heaters during the heating period.

    This allows massive equipped with low heat conductivity to be heated effectively.
  • Some advantages:

    Machinery and conveying systems do not have to be disassembled-just emptied.No warning signs like Danger Toxic Fumigation required. The system does not use methyl bromide so there is no risk of chemical contamination
  • other usages

    Insect control in
    -The Food industry
    -The Pet Food industry
    -Wood construcution in buildings
  • specification